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Nitrogen in your car tires

A large proportion of all drivers in Europe drive around with tires with too little pressure. This has major consequences for safety, grip and especially for the fuel consumption of all these cars. To reduce this problem, Tyre City recommends also providing your tires with Nitrogen.

Why inflate with Nitrogen instead of regular air?

Especially because of this: Every car tire is slightly diffuse. This means that every tire loses some tension. Nitrogen disappears from the tire less easily because the molecular composition of nitrogen is different from the air you breathe. By adding nitrogen to your tires instead of compressed air, your tires stay tighter for longer. That is why Tyre City recommends nitrogen instead of compressed air.

By pumping nitrogen, you can keep your tires under pressure longer, with the advantage of improving your road holding and reducing your fuel consumption. You also reduce wear, so you can enjoy your tires longer.


Nitrogen is used as standard in the racing world and in the transport of dangerous goods because it also offers an additional advantage. Nitrogen is an inert gas. This means that it hardly reacts with other chemicals and does not explode in the event of fire or explosion. However, this does not alter the fact that there is no difference between a tire with compressed air or filled with nitrogen when it comes to tire damage and slow tension loss. These tires also need to be checked regularly and we advise you to have your tire pressure and wear checked by us once every quarter.

Do you not yet have nitrogen in your tires?

Come to TireProf Utrecht and we will provide you with nitrogen quickly. We are open every working day from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and do everything to ensure your safety.